Thursday, 30 May 2013

Diets To Improve Your Erictions And Sex Power

Diets To Improve Your Erictions And Sex Power

Sexual Weekness can easily treat by foods and diets .If your stomach become week and u could not be able to   digest your food then this will also reduce your sex power.However the diet with good minerals and vitamins is the best way for good erictions.Here are some foods which are good for sex power and erictions.

1) Take two spoon of honey and mix with one glass of  goat or cow milk is the best thing for erictions.
2)Drink camel milk for 40 days continously without any delay is helpful in impotency and make erictions,but during this period dont do any type of intercourse or masturbation.
3)Take one pomengrate,little amount of jinger,one onion,one carrot and extract its juice in with the help of juicer machine.This is a great remedy for sex power.
4)Take five to ten  dates and make its shake in milk.Take it before two hours of intercourse time.It is the gr8 remedy to increase sex duration and power.
5)Take one  Indigenous egg (desi anda) and  cut half  white onion and make its omlette in olive oil with three teaspoon or more .Fry too much until omlette gets red .Eat every day to increase sex power.
5)Cheese and butter are also the best source of increasing sex power.
6)One egg should be mix with one glass of 250 ml milk (goat milk is better).It can cure sexual debility rapidly.
6)Carrots and onions are most effective for sexual can increase the amount of semen.
7)The milk of goat is also helpful in sexual weakness.


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